Life Of The Party Movie Review


Last night Kontrol Magazine was invited to attend the Aubrun Alabama Premiere of Life of the Party starring Melissa McCarthy. As the publisher of the magazine i decied to step in and cover the event. Life of the Party is a super funny comedy about a mom who goes back to college after an unexpected divorce. Deanna (McCarthy) decides to return to school to get her degree, but heres the kicker.... she's at the same exact college as her daughter, Amanda (Adria Ariona).

If you missed out on your collage years well get ready to live it up through (McCarthy and Ariona) The full college experience (including classes, freedom, and, yes, frat boys) is had by both ladies. This comedy is all about second chances, the bond between girls and believing in yourself. A true must see.

Life of the Party hits Theaters May 11, 2018

Julian LarkComment