Shopping 101: The 5 Key Items for Your Spring Wardrobe

Welcome to The Lark Report . . . where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. Today, we give you the five key items you should have for your Spring wardrobe. As the season change, you may have a few pieces that are great to transition into Spring, but just in case you do not. Here are a few key items we think you may want to add.


1. Stylish Romper

As the rompers continue to grace the fashion trend on the runways, it is a must you have a cute stylish romper added to your wardrobe. 

2. Handbags

A true fashionista will always switch her bags in between seasons. The style of bag may be the same, but the switch in color is what makes a difference. As your spring wardrobe straddle between layers of clothing, so should the arm candy cradling your phone.

3. Earrings

Another essential piece to any woman's wardrobe are a pair of gorgeous, dangling earrings. Or a pair of studs! Earring with soft colors for spring are an amazing pair to showoff whether you're at work or going to have a few cocktails with your girls. 

4. Classic Denim

As denim will always remain a classic piece in anyone's wardrobe....if you do not have one then you're LATE! Just kidding! However, denim button-down shirts are an amazing item to have and wear your cute midi-skirt or pair denim-on-denim.

5. Slip Dress

The new wave!!! Dress slips. Although, we have recently seen several images of the wonderful fall/winter items to wear from New York Fashion; the slip dress was one of the most trending pieces being worn. There are several ways to wear such a simple piece. You can keep it simple and classy or add layers like a denim jacket, cardigan or kimono.