The Lark Experience 101: How to wear those holiday sequin pieces from day to night

Welcome to The Lark Report . . . where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. Today, we give you the Lark Experience 101 on "How to wear those holiday sequin pieces from day to night". Wearing sequin pieces has been trending for some time now, although it has always been a must wear for those holiday parties a girl never wants to give them away. So today we would like to show you a few ways to wear your favorite sequin top, jacket, blazer, skirt, pants or whatever your have from day to night.

Legs! Legs! Legs! They are the next best eye catcher to a popping lip color and gorgeous handbag, but with sequin pants/leggings they will be the star of the show. 

You can pair your sequin pants to a blazer and button-down blouse for business meetings and luncheons. When the sun goes down change those daytime pointy toe shoes to a nice strappy sandal and tuck your classic button-down blouse.

Who doesn't love being the center of attention with a popping jacket to complete your outfit? Complete your comfy sneakers with a sequin blazer or bomber jacket while running errands then turn your daytime jacket into a night-time show stopper paired with a nice stilleto and mini clutch 

Look chic and comfy during the day with a graphic tee and bright purse. The switch it up for your night time outing with a dark top and a handbag to complitment it.

Trying not to change your entire outfit from day to night? Then make subtle changes of switching your daytime handbag and flats to an oversized bag and gorgeous pumps for your night time look.

That wasn't enough ideas for sequins from day to night? Well, here are a few more ways to wear your favorite sequins piece.

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