EXCLUSIVE: CHANEL a.k.a Ms. Shingo

Interviewed by J.Shenae, BlondeHair'dGirl

Welcome to The Lark The Report . . . where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. Today we welcome one of Atlanta's newest designers, Chanel Scales.

Shingo designer Chanel Scales on the 2016 FashionJams Beauty & the Beat presented by Kontrol Magazine.

J.Shenae: Who is Chanel?

Chanel: Chanel is the woman, who has always been told you're different, you're ugly and asked why are you so tall!! I learned early to embrace my look and to understand we're not meant to look like each other. I became very confident and comfortable in my own shoes. I want women to realize it's ok to be an individual..  

J: Where are you from?

C: Cincinnati, Ohio aka the NATI 

J:What brings you to Atlanta from Cincinnati,Ohio?

Believe in yourself, and never give up!! Because quitting isn’t an option!!!
— Chanel Scales, Owner of Shingo

C: I was supposed to move to Atlanta when I turned 18, but living in Cincinnati, I wasn't happy or fulfilled creatively. Cincinnati doesn't provide platforms for creatives or for those that think big like myself. I also wanted to be in an environment with like minded Individuals that want to make shit happened in their purpose. I also wanted to be an environment, where I could dress up in my SHINGO garments....

J: How did Shingo begin?

C: I use to design my own clothes, and have someone sew them for me. And other women, would compliment me and want me to create designs for them. I never intended on doing custom, but I figured it would give woman a boost in their confidence to wear one of kind garments made strictly for them!!!!

J: Who does Shingo represent?

C: Shingo is Swahili for neck.... represents the woman who is bold, daring and eccentric. She walks with her head held high, and recognizes her goddess features and CONFIDENCE!!!

BTS: Chanel with model Jazmine rocking Shingo.

J: Recently, Shingo appeared on the runway for Kontrol Magazine’s 2016 Fashion Jams Beauty & the Beat. How did you feel seeing your garments on the runway?

C: I've done alot of shows, but this was my first in Atlanta. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I still can't believe my clothes are walking down a runway or that people actually purchase from me and my tags are in there.. I'm so appreciative!! 

J: When was Shingo’s first appearance on the runway? 

C: My first appearance was during a fashion show that was organized and created by me in Cincinnati. It was held at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.. My goal was to create a platform for myself and other designers in my city. 

J: What is up NEXT for Chanel and Shingo in 2017?

C: I'm currently working on my website, and I have a personal goal of $1,000,000 in sales within my first 2 years. I also want to do some public speaking to motivate other woman to follow their goals and passions.. You will also see Shingo in magazines and on plenty more red carpets.

J: If there is one piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs, what would it be?

C: Believe in yourself, and never give up!! Because quitting isn't an option!!! 


Want to see more SHINGO? Follow Chanel and her beautiful clothing line on INSTAGRAM: @imsoshingo