In the Summer WE SLAY: Short Haircut Edition

The summer time brings nothing but Fun, Warm weather, Bright colors, Vacations and SHORT HAIR. Ladies! there is no better feeling then rocking your favorite dress in the summer time paired with a super fierce cut as your number one ACCESSORY. I am currently rocking a short cut and there is nothing better then having a short cut to elongate your neck and further exude your confidence levels. BUT.. on to the good stuff.

 The Oh So Fabulous, Miss Janelle Monae took the 2017s Grammy Red Carpet by complete storm! Janelle, looked AMAZING! She paired her Gorgeous dress with the super popular Pixie Cut. The "Pixie Cut" will always be an in style trend.  This ultra sexy cut adds tons of funk and flare to any personality type.

I guess we can say that its okay to be Inspired by Janelle Monae.. her latest hair trend has been spotted all over and I must say EVERYONE IS ROCKING THEIR CUTS!

-Stephanie Scales