Crochet braids are baccckk!!!

I can vividly remember being about 10 years old, sitting on a pillow and my mom putting these curly braid like strands into my hair, using some sort of hook needle. At that time, (Whether I agreed with the look or not.... I DIDN'T!!) I wasn't old enough to have much of an opinion.. you know how the saying goes "what mom says goes"... so I made it work! I had no idea that this hair style would come back 15 years later BUT as a HAIR PHENOM!!! 

Crochet braids are on FIRE right now, and they came back with such a variety of styles to choose from... your options are literally endless. 

If you're natural this protective style has to be the most simplest style thus far. The supply list is simple; latch hook needle and the hair of your choice...BADA BOOM BADA BAM!! DONE!