Exclusive: Meet Photographer . . . Will Sterling

Welcome to The Lark Report . . . where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. Today, we give you an EXCLUSIVE with Kontrol Magazine's house photographer, Will Sterling. He has worked with several publications like Kontrol Magazine, Sheen, Krave Magazine, Black Sophisticate Hair; as well as several celebrities, like Steve Harvey, Wendy Raquel, Monique, and several more. Let's read more on Mr. Will Sterling below with our very own Shenae Johnson.

Shenae: Where are you from?

Will Sterling:From Jackson, Mississippi

S: What brought you to Atlanta from Jackson, Mississippi?

WS: I wanted to expand my market and be open for more opportunities. Over a 5 year span of traveling back and forth to Atlanta, I already built a foundation for my brand.

S: How did you start your career in photography?

WS: Well . . . [I've] always been fascinated with capturing moments. I started out doing weddings for the reason to help people relive moments by capturing those moments through photography and video. jok

S: Although you have a studio in Jackson, MS, are their plans to have an official studio location in Atlanta?

MS: There are plans to having a studio in Atlanta, but we just want to continue expanding the brand with plans of something in the future.

S: What are your 2017 goals?

WS: Working on the continuous expansion of the Sterling Photography brand. With a focus in wedding photography, we want to expand to Houston for more wedding photography.

S: Describe your preparation process when working with Kontrol Magazine.

WS: Session with Kontrol Magazine! Well the thing that helps most is having a vision board for the upcoming shoot. Once I receive the concept or vision it allows me to prep with proper lighting, gather the right props and set the location.

S: What is a typical day for you Mr. Sterling?

WS: A typical work day would be waking up and checking-in with Gary in Mississippi for the day to day scheduling there. Then working on improvements and marketing. I also check my Atlanta schedule for shots and prep work....mainly checking emails, editing photos for clients, and resetting to do it all over again the next day.

These images belong to Sterling Photogrpahy. You can view more by visiting www.sterlingpics.net