Steph's Six Favorite Natural Hair Products

Hello there! I'm glad you came back to chitchat with Steph! I hope that your date night was a success, I am sure you had the Misters mouth wide open.

I wanted to come back and ramble a bit about being a PRODUCT JUNKIE! [and trust me.. JUNKIE is really an understatement]

Having natural hair can be a gift AND a beautiful curse. All naturals have the desire to be able to style their hair like their favorite YouTube Naturalista  [and believe me I've watched YouTube videos and the very next day ran to the store and purchased every product listed in their description box and it turned out an EPIC FAIL...You live and you learn]

                                                           -but nonetheless-

WE all want our curls popping and edges on fleek. BUT, in order to make [or attempt to make] that happen you must be willing to be your own experiment project & [wait for it] possibly spend a few $$$$ to make that happen... like anything else the best products might cost ya! 

*Travels down memory lane* I can vividly remember being a kid and looking under my grandmothers sink for a jar of hair grease and LO and BEHOLD my grandmother had 5 or 6 different brands of hair greases, a slew of hair brushes, bobby pins and BABYYY LISTEN… Don't get me started on the bag FULL of pink rollers she had for her nightly hair routine. My grandma was the real OG product junkie!

Some of the best products for natural hair can make you think twice about purchasing the -5 hair products that you have in your cart- before you even make it to the cash register. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites and if your hair agrees, I hope they become your favorites as well. 

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