Sexy Style Report: What to wear on Valentine's Day for a day or evening date.

Welcome to The Lark Report . . . where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. Today, we give you our Sexy Style Report on what to wear for your Valentine's Day on your special daytime date or evening night out on the town. 

V-DAY Date During the DAY!

Go from the office to a quick Valentine's Day lunch date with your co-workers or special someone. Whether you are classy-chic office girl or distressed denim with a cardigan chick you can go to a chic restaurant in style. 

V-Day Date at NIGHT!!

When the sun sets, SPICE IT UP! Don't be afraid to show a little skin or more. Play with your red's and blush colors with your garments. Be flirtatous with your thigh-high boots you have been dying to wear on a special occasion.