Natural Hair Updos For Date Night

"So There's This Guyyyy!!" The infamous line used all around the world. So....He asked you out for the first date, huh? Well, We've all been on first dates, which means we've all had our first date checklists in our head... that list may go a little something like.. Outfit..check, Accessories..check, Shoes..check, HAIR!! well.. depending on the person and their hair preference, that could be an easy task or a call to the new Beau cancelling because your "grandmother is sick" but in reality you just couldn't figure out what in the world to do to with your Naturally NATURAL head full of hair. Well.. I am here to save you HONEY, I've done the research for you! Some people go natural with this preconcieved notion that in order to be a "Real" natural that you must rock "Braids and Beads and Shells and Thangs!" Well, I am here to tell you that if you want to Rock Rough and Stuff with your Afro Puffs then DO IT! To be natural is one of the most beautiful parts of being an African American. But enough of my blabbering... I am here to share with you six BOMB hairstyles to rock on that first date with the new Beau. 

Until the next time,

Stephanie Scales