Tips On How To Make Sheer Look Chic

Welcome to The Lark Report. . .where fashion, beauty, style, and entertainment reside. 'Tis the season to be fashionable and ready to attend several Thanksgiving dinners and company holiday parties. Whoopee!!! 

Many may have stored away several sheer pieces from the summer, but to that daring lady who loves to stand out and layer her pieces for winter's weather then these tips are for you. Today on the Lark Report we are going to give you a few helpful tips on how to wear sheer and be chic while doing it.

P.S. If you're one of our lucky readers with bright, blue skies and weather in the high 70's then we have some tips for you too.

1. Enjoy wearing layers? Then grab your cutest sweater and layer it over your sheer shirt. 

Sheer lace top layered with slightly oversized sweater


2. Worried about exposing your bra too much? Then pick a shirt with sheer sleeves or panels that shows a hint of sexy, but still covered.

Sheer sleeves with sheer chest and back panel.

Source: Big Beautiful Black Girls

3. Show of your sexy legs with a sheer skirt and oversized sweater.

Monochromatic chic with an oversized sweater paired with a sheer skirt.


4. Layer your sheer top with a long-sleeve button down or reverse it!

Source: (L) WHO WHAT WEAR (R) StyleCaster

5. Stay trendy with socks and pumps, but stand and wear you some fun and chic with sheer socks.

Source: Pinterest

There you have it, a few quick tips on how to stay chic while wearing sheer. Make room in your closets or sock drawers from some sheer pieces and make your own spin on this trend.