A Seat At The Table Brunch Series, is an intimate afternoon of inspiration and empowerment with amazing moguls of various industries created through brunches, mixers, and social soirees!

Our goal is to Celebrate, Collaborate, Socialize, and SLAY -- channeling our true inner magic and using it to inspire one another!

Our guest panelists will share their life experiences, successes, and failures during their respective journeys and dream chasing. They will expose their passions, triumphs, and challenges in an effort to motivate, educate, and inspire others to become trailblazers and moguls in their own right!

CELEBRATE. Cheers! Let’s celebrate each other! Give a compliment and share your accomplishments with a fellow future powerhouse.

COLLABORATE. Do you know your neighbor? They say your network is your net worth, so let’s get to it!  Share your goals and help build your dreams and your friends dream! It takes a village.

SOCIALIZE. Let's face it...networking can be hard to do. Let’s overcome that awkward stage together with like-minded individuals. 

A Seat At The Table Brunch Series, is an incredible display of empowerment through conversation, education and service. Like minded individuals come together, engage in conversation and create productive tribes. Each event series develops the minds and hearts of professional, progressive entrepreneurs.